Why I will never be on a church staff again

December 28, 2009

I love working with churches and ministries, Spent years on a church staff overseeing all marketing and creative and a little IT. During my time I learned a lot about the aspects of a church staff. In fact, I think I learned too much.

I am an observer. Staff meetings usually consist of me sitting back and listening. While people are negotiating or arguing on how we can fix this issue or that, I would be thinking about a solution. I take in the ideas that people throw around, and mix it together with my opinions and experience and will generally have a good solution with all the bickering.

Every Pastor or church staff needs someone looking from the outside. I found that while we were so focused on reaching people from the outside, and as hard as we tried to envision how people feel and react, we just couldn't. And if we did come close, I think we never wanted to be honest with ourselves enough to make the hard changes. Changes that really made a difference in how our church came across to the outsider.

It all comes down to this. Now that I know that every church staff needs someone looking in from the outside, and be honest, I know that I can be more effective in helping their ministry.