Hi! I’m Tim!

I’m a digital marketer, entrepreneur, dad, DIYer and disc golfer. 

I’ve been working in marketing for about 15 years now and have the chance to work with all sorts of names that you’ve probably heard of and a ton more that you haven’t. Every project I’ve taken on has taught me something new. I have always had the philosophy that you can learn things as you go. To just do it, don’t wait. 

I have been working from home for almost five years now. At my previous agency we had several offices. There are of course pro/cons to both real office and home office. I’m sure as our team grows we’ll end up with a space again, but for now I’ll stick to the flexibility and freedom (and cost savings) of working from home. 

I love being able to eat breakfast and lunch with the family every day. It’s a time that I certainly enjoy and as my son Liam is getting closer to starting Kindergarten I want to make sure to spend as much time with him as I can. My daughter Myla, who is turning 1 in February (2017), is the happiest kid you’ll ever meet. 

My main "job" these days is helping businesses grow online, by developing a marketing strategy unique to their business, and them my team and I follow through with that strategy. A majority of my time spent outside of planning, strategy, and running my businesses is on design and content creation.

My love for creating and being a part of the entire product process (creation, manufacturing, marketing, selling and shipping) has led me to start a few of my own businesses over the years.

Mixcups, was a K-Cups of the month club that I started in late 2012 (and ended up selling in early 2014). Featured in Buzzfeed's '29 Things You Didn't Know You Could Subscribe To" in 2016.

DiscHunt, is an online retailer carrying disc golf discs and gear. We design custom apparel and develop disc golf products.

UFO Glow Tape, is a product we design and manufacture. UFO Glow Tape Rings are used on disc golf discs in order to play disc golf at night. It's a better, thinner, brighter, more balanced option than anything else out on the market.

Purposed Marketing is an agency providing creative for churches and non-profits. We offer church marketing services, sermon videos and non-profit videos.