The World's Most Famous Taffy

October 21, 2016

What’s it like working with the creators of the “World’s Most Famous Taffy?” Well, it’s pretty sweet (pun intended)!

My wife’s close friend and college roommate married into the third generation of the candy empire, so we and Zeno’s have also blossomed both a close business and personal friendship.

Earlier this year, Will and I took a trip to Daytona to try and capture as much content as we could and spend some one on one time with Zeno’s man in charge: Johnny Louizes. Safe to say, it was a blast. We took some awesome drone footage, saw behind-the-scenes taffy creations, got a sneak peek of the new store front/factory, and got to know quickly how the Zeno’s hard-working, friendly staff is the backbone of their success. We’re currently redeveloping their site, improving their online sales efficiency, and managing their social content.

Also, unbiased opinion: yeah, it’s the best taffy in the world - by far.