Parish Content - Catholic Social Media Content

September 21, 2020

Parish Content is a social media asset service designed for Catholic Parishes and Catholic Content Creators. They support your ministry by assisting with all of the research, planning, and time that goes into designing and crafting effective social media content. The Parish Content library includes unbranded social graphics that help to inspire and engage your social audience. Choose from high-quality video and Catholic stock photos, and easily schedule out social media posts for the entire week in go.

Social media content fits into two categories: baseline content and spontaneous content. Spontaneous content relates to upcoming community happenings and events, as well as stories and visual imagery related to the ministry. On the other hand, baseline content is planned content that allows you to engage and interact with your audience. From inspirational and education posts to holiday and awareness content, baseline content is a great way to keep the conversation going with your community. Parish Content helps you do this in a streamlined and straightforward manner. Baseline content can be used at any time and is a way to go deeper with your audience, sharing your story, and unpacking your core values in a digestible and impactful manner. Utilize their media resources and save time while also gathering inspiration. The excellent, ready-to-post social content allows you to work on the other aspects of your organization while still sharing meaningful faith-driven content.