Mixcups - K-Cup of the Month Club

April 2, 2013

As a Keurig fan and a rapid consumer of K-Cups I always follow the happenings in that industry. As the K-Cup patent was coming to its end I knew that there was going to be a huge influx of new brands coming into the market. But how could I try all these new coffees, buying them box by box? Of-the-month-clubs happen to be a hot gift right now so last November my brother and decided to try our hands at running K-Cup of the Month Club. For $32/month you get a box of 30 different K-Cups shipped to your door. The success of the club has driven us to add other offerings to help people "Discover Your Cup" with our Pick-Your-Pack K-Cups and K-Cup Samplers.

There is a much more in-depth story that chronicles our name change from Mixkups to Mixcups, lessons we learned about sticking to your core competency and more lessons we've learned about e-commerce and online marketing - but we'll save those for future posts 🙂