John Reznikoff - Pawn Stars and More

May 16, 2016

John Reznikoff is a guy who knows his stuff...and by stuff I mean: pretty much everything about history. This guy is a walking encyclopedia. Just ask anybody on Pawn Stars, The Antique Roadshow, or Google. He specializes in authentication and most would tell you has perfected the art. Not only can he tell you about historical items, he also has a huge collection - so much so that he created University Archives as a hub to buy, sell, and trade your “guaranteed authentic” collectibles worldwide. You may find a coin you’ve been looking for to join your collection, or a lock of your favorite late celebrity’s hair...I’m telling you, he’s got it all. Check this guy out!

We're working with John over at ByteShip and just wanted to geek out a little on my blog. Check out his personal site: