Is it Mixcups or Mixkups?

August 30, 2013

So is it Mixcups or Mixkups? The K-Cups of the Month Club, Mixcups started last fall under the name, Mixkups.

Personally, I loved the name because it was just a creative way of saying a mixture of k-cups. We sell a product I love - coffee, and we get to help other people find great K-cup coffees too. You know who didn't like our name? Keurig and their attorneys. Apparently, the letter 'K' in our name was in breach of their trademark, so after a few C&D's and several conversations with them, we decided to change the business name to Mixcups. To me, Mixcups means - "a mixture of cups of coffee." So it still works... but not as lovely 🙂

Who knew the letter 'K' was so important? The name Mixcups is here to stay and is growing every month. Sorry if you still see the old name in various places - we're still working on it.

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