Church Marketing Perspective

June 17, 2009

The words ‘marketing’ and ‘branding’ are being tossed around during staff meetings at churches across America, and we're glad. Church staffs are for the most part understanding that marketing does have a place in the church and is an important aspect in church growth. Pastors know it, and jump right in feet first. But... many churches miss the mark when creating marketing goals. Lack of education, resources, and support many times end up with ineffective efforts and a waste of money. Mostly, though, its the lack of a plan.

Part of effective marketing is creating something that people love and are excited about. Something timeless and people are proud of. A place that people want to invite their unchurched friends to.

When creating your marketing plan, be sure to capture the personality of your church. Don’t try to create a personality that is deceiving and will be giving people the wrong impression.Think about your church. Talk to the people. Live life with the your church and you'll understand it's personality and character. Bring that personality to all your marketing pieces, environments, your website, and everything the public eye will ever see. People in your community will begin to recognize your church and will know what to expect when they come to visit. In a nutshell... be honest and be real.